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Is the widening gap between rich and poor in America — and the widening chasm between rich and poor globally — threatening to derail, if not in a monumental blood bath of terrorism, end human evolution?

Are the rich driven only by “Darwinian” selfishness? Are they driven solely by the supposedly Darwinian doctrine of “survival of the fittest”? Do they have no regard for the poor?

Or in fact has progressive philanthropy — in keeping with what Darwin really believed — been the vital driver for human evolution century after century?

First row: Haym Solomon. Andrew Carnegie. Julius Rosenwald. George Soros. Ted Turner.
Second row: Sophia Smith. Margaret Sage. Ellen Scripps. Harriet Bullitt. Peg Yorkin.

As we enter a time when the future for America and the world is increasingly threatened by the bloody drive of “survival of the fittest” and the PseudoDarwinian celebration of selfishness, the stealthy politics of renegade wealth, and the age old rise once again of the few who would rule the many, these are becoming critical questions not only for Americans but for the rest of the world.

This section will provide answers in terms of the great American heritage of the push for greater freedom and equality and the full Darwinian theory of the exact opposite of what we have been told — that is, the long lost completing half for Darwin’s theory. (See The Great Adventure and Darwin’s Unfolding Revolution).

Progressive vs. Regressive Money

This is the vital differentiation all too seldom made— progressive. That is, out of one’s wealth — or meager pocket or purse — progressive money is the giving that clearly advances human evolution, rather than only maintains the status quo, as is the custom for many wealthy givers.

Or that pretty much does nothing for anyone else outside one’s own family, as is still the case for most of us.

Or the giving that is now of urgent concern with what could be the most crucial election in American as well as world history coming up. This is the hidden juggernaut of the huge fortunes now behind-scenes being coordinated to drive us backward in evolution— as in the cases of the Olin, Bradley, Coors, Scaife, and other foundations we’ll look at in the forthcoming website section A Brief History of Progressive Philanthropy in America.

No mistake about it: The incredible wealth of regressive donors and foundations . . . linked to the billions and blind greed of irresponsible corporations . . . linked to the “hate thy neighbor” drive for power of rightwing religion . . . with the bought and paid for frontal drive of the cozening and bullying of politicians at the highest levels of the American government . . . is now being marshaled for the most fierce assault yet on the freedom and equality that Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martin Luther King, and millions of the rest of us have fought for over the 200 years of American evolution.

The research reported on this site in The Great Adventure and The General Evolution Research Group — as well as of hundreds of other scientists and activists today who, for example, comprise the Nobel laureate-loaded Union of Concerned Scientists — quite clearly reveals that our species has reached a make-or-break juncture not merely in our history, but in our evolution.

Of rapidly mounting concern is the fact that we have reached this pivotal point in space and time with the great dead weight of us unaware of what is happening to us, or how and why and where we are being driven in our trance. We are entranced by fear, by greed, and by ignorance. The forthcoming reconstruction in our website section Darwin’s Unfolding Revolution of what Darwin really believed reveals who we really are and can become. The progressive money of thousands becoming millions of us in support of vision and decision can get us there. This website is being built to try to help break the spell and arm those of us who deeply and passionately care for the better world and the better future for a heroic and fateful task.

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The Great Philanthropists of the 21stt Century will provide a look at the bold vision and global giving of George Soros, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, Jr., and women like Peg Yorkin. — as well as your opportunity to make a difference in this world.


A Brief History of Progressive Philanthropy in America will reveal how much of what is best today in America and in the world at large comes from the stream of giving by the great American philanthropists, women and men, over past centuries.


Charles Darwin, Philanthropist will reveal this seldom reported side to Darwin and how his lost theory explains the resonation of the great philanthropists. to the drive and vision of human evolution.


      This material is currently being         expanded into a new book for             trade book publication and book             store distribution titled

Progressive vs. Regressive Money, Science, Politics, and the Fate of Planet Earth


When completed, this section
of this website will also include

An Open Letter to Foundations and Other Prospective Funders, to explain why and how The Darwin Project both scientifically and socially can fundamentally change our world for the better.


The Five Year Plan for Funding, which outlines our goals, how in three practical steps we plan to reach them, and the surprisingly minimal funding needed to speed up and advance human evolution by investing in the modern prohuman and prosocial updating of Darwin’s true completed vision and the inspiring true story of human evolution.


Bank Rollers of the Better Century will list the names of all contributors to this project to change our world, our history, and our evolution for the better.

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