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The Darwin Project Council
The Center for Partnership Studies


As each new member of our species arrives on this earth, what do you want them to learn and live by?



The old “Darwinian” theory and story of “survival of the fittest” and "the celebration of selfishness by now fixed in our minds like the programming for robots driving our species toward destruction?

Or the new Darwinian theory and story based on the fact that in The Descent of Man Darwin wrote only twice about survival of the fittest -- but 95 times about love and 92 times about moral sensitivity!

The mission of The Darwin Project is to speed the shift in our homes,
schools, and the media from only teaching destructive “first-half” Darwinism to the inspiring liberation of Darwin's long lost completing half along with all the fields of modern science that support and expand Darwin's original full vision to reveal caring, love, moral evolution, and education as the prime drivers for human evolution.


In support of this project a Darwin Project Council, has been formed of distinguished American, European, and Asian educators, scientists, and media activists.


What Darwin Really Said


  What primarily drives human evolution, Darwin wrote in page after page of the long ignored writings that complete his theory, are “the moral qualities.” These, he said, are “advanced, either directly or indirectly, much more through the effects of habit, by our reasoning powers, by instruction, by religion, etc., than through natural selection.”  

The shift from the emphasis for the first half to the full Darwinian theory and story and your understanding and involvement can not only help move us toward the better future. In the long run, it may help save ours and all other species.

We hope you will browse this site and come back again and again. Here you will find the result of thousands of years of the best minds and the best years for our species directed to the question of how we can change our lives and our world for the better.

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