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One of the most enjoyable and effective adventures in education over many years now has been the spontaneous formation of “grassroots” book discussion groups.

A book comes out or subject emerges that sparks widespread interest. Someone, or two or three, think it could be fun to get together a few friends to read a particular book and discuss it over a few weeks or months. Voila! soon dozens, or hundreds, or thousands are reading and discussing Tom Paine’s Common Sense – which helped spark the American Revolution -- or more recently, F.Scott Peck’s A Road Less Traveled By, Riane Eisler’s The Chalice and the Blade, or among the younger (and older) crowd the wildfire spread of the magical world of Harry Potter.

Out of our time of so much doubt, fear and confusion, the uncovering of Darwin’s lost theory and the progressive science that corroborates and expands it opens a hopeful new world for all of us who have yearned – and in many cases have long worked for – the better future.

The Great Adventure Library and Book Store is set up to make it easy for you to form your own new Action Book Discussion Group. Books in our Library and Book Store are grouped into five sections according to interests. 1) Some useful books for exploring the levels of evolution. 2) Books on Darwin and Darwin’s theory. 3) General Evolution Theory and Story for scientists and most readers. 4) General Evolution Theory for scientists and more advanced readers. 5) The case for and against neo-Darwinism, sociobiology, and evolutionary psychology.

Just pick the section of this Library that most immediately appeals to you, decide from the descriptions which book seems the best choice to begin with, talk up the idea with a few friends, and take off. When you finish the first book, get a group vote on the next one from the list and see where it goes.

In the past, book discussion groups of this kind have been not only good fun but immeasurably valuable for people in neighborhoods, churches, corporations, college campuses, high schools, senior centers and retirement homes as well as many other settings— and now on the internet —to find new friends with whom they have interests in common and, that most delightful of experiences, the joy of reading and learning together.

You can take satisfaction in the fact this website and the research and books behind it scientifically certifies you’re helping build the better world.

And you don’t need to ask anyone for permission, or blessing – just go ahead and do it!


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