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Telling the New Story of Human Evolution
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Telling the New Story of Human Evolution


 Welcome, Montessori Teachers! 

In the beginning there was
the Domination System and the Organism.
Then the Love System entered life and
meaningful Evolution began . . .

This is the way our telling of the new story of evolution begins.


For over a century most teachers have had to struggle with the disturbing discrepancy between the Darwinian theory of evolution they were supposed to teach and the views of great educators and psychologists like Maria Montessori, John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Abraham Maslow, and many others about what really advances human evolution.

The same problem confronts parents, writers, and progressive writers, producers, and ministers.  Free Download Click here

Here's how by telling the new
story you can be a pioneer in

building the better world!

Behind many of the past and current disasters of our time lies the doctrinaire Darwinian message of supposedly rock-firm grounded science that human evolution is driven by “survival of the fittest” and “selfish genes.”

But the message of Montessori, Dewey, Piaget, Maslow — as well as Jesus, Gautama, Mencius, and most of the great ancient progressive spiritual leaders — is that we are advanced by love, education, cooperation, and above all, by moral sensitivity.  Free Download Click here

Our telling of the new story is based on

the startling new finding that this was

the belief of Darwin himself!


A major task facing the scientists, educators, and story tellers of the 21st century is how to wed the old and the new parts of Darwin’s theory into the hopeful new story. Available here for Free Viewing and Download Click here is a pioneering wedding of old and new into the fascinating and inspiring new story line that is needed.

The aim is to provide teachers with a story line that can be adapted for use anywhere along the line for K-12 into college and graduate studies.

More widely, the aim is to provide story tellers and media-activists with something to reach everybody out there hungry for something better than the same old tired, destructive, regressive, and boring scientific half-truth.

Try out the new story. Adapt it. Reshape it to your needs. And let us know what you’re doing, and what you think, pro or con, to help start an open pioneers’ creative dialogue here.


Join the second Darwinian revolution

in education!


                               David Loye, care of




An excerpt from

from Telling the New Story -- for projection or handout


Variation pursued by Natural Selection

Could this be the picture embedded in our subconscious mind of the 20th century science behind the idea of “survival of the fittest”? 

In this case, Natural Selection is the Frankensteinian Monster in pursuit of poor, frightened Variation, Random or Otherwise.

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