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Some Useful Books for Exploring the Levels of Evolution

Books on Darwin and Darwin's Theory
General Evolution Theory and Story for scientists and most readers
General Evolution Theory for theorists and more advanced readers
The Case for and against Neo-Darwinism, Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology

More books by Council Members (forthcoming)

Recommended new and earlier books (forthcoming)



II. Books on Darwin and Darwin’s Theory

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A. Darwin’s Life and Works

Darwin: the life of a Tormented Evolutionist.
Desmond, A., and Moore, J.
New York: Norton, 1994.

A masterpiece for the genre and the single most important book for the library of every
Darwinian. Makes Darwin and his times come to life like no other.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

Darwin 2nd Edition.
Goldie, P., and Ghiselin, M.
San Francisco: Lightbinders, Inc., 1997.

A CD-ROM containing major books including The Origin of Species, The Descent of
, The Voyage of the Beagle, and key papers by Darwin. With gorgeous plates of the wild life Darwin encountered on the voyage of the Beagle along with audio bird calls, this is
an exceptionally useful instrument for Darwinian research or exploring the Darwinian

Review or buy it at Lightbinders.com

Darwin on Man: A Psychological Study of Scientific Creativity.
Gruber, H., and Barrett, P.
Chicago: University of Chicago, 1980.

The pioneering breakthrough to Darwin as psychologist. Also most readily available source
for invaluable early notebooks.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com

Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution.
Keynes, R.
New York: Riverhead, 2001.
A loving portrayal of Darwin’s home life and family by his great grandson.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

Darwin’s Lost Theory of Love.
Loye, D.
New York: iUniverse, 2000.

Internet POD publication of the first book on the discovery of the lost theory. To be
by Darwin’s Unfolding Revolution when completed for traditional trade book publication.

Review or buy it at iuniverse.com

Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Theories of Mind and Behavior.
Richards, R. J.
Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987.
A masterpiece of scholarship, witty, pioneering, extremely readable study of Darwin’s
theory of the moral sense along with other neglected moral theories of early major figures
for psychology.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

Darwin's Lost Theory

Hard-driving singer, band leader, and rebel intellect Mat Callahan
writes from Switzerland, “The website is great. But where do I find Darwin's lost theory? What specific books?”

Dear Mat: See section of this Library and Book Store for Darwin's “Lost” Theory.

As I report in my forthcoming book Darwin's Unfolding Revolution (to be published in this segment of this website serially in chapters for download each month) in all of the 20th century I could find only four people who wrote of it at any length or with any depth of understanding. The most comprehensive account is Peter Kropotkin's – see Darwin's Lost Theory in this Library and Book Store. Later came the accounts of John Greene (see also General Evolution Theory and Story), Robert J. Richards
(see also Moral Evolution in Useful Books for Exploring...), and James Rachels (see Recommended New and Old Books).

These are all parts of chapters in books on other subjects. Darwin's own account is exceptionally difficult to follow in the original sources as it is scattered throughout his early notebooks (see Gruber and Barrett here in Books on Darwin and Darwin's Theory) and The Descent of Man (see Goldie's Darwin Second Edition in the same section), also books by Richards and Loye in this section.

My book Darwin's Lost Theory of Love was the first whole book to
exclusively focus on it and show how it wholly contradicts the survival of the fittest and selfishness thrust for first-half Darwinism, providing the second or completing half for Darwin's theory attuned to humanistic psychology and emphasizing moral sensitivity, love, and education as the prime drivers for human evolution -- see Darwin's Lost Theory here and Books, Loye's Page for journal articles.

In The Great Adventure: Toward a Fully Human Theory of Evolution (in this website, see Book in The Great Adventure segment; Useful Books for Exploring... in this Library and Bookstore; and Books, Loye's page) can be found many books corroborating Darwin's long neglected vision. The great brain scientist Paul MacLean's The Triune Brain in Evolution in
particular provides the point for point corroboration for Darwin's
higher half in terms of the evolution of higher limbic system and
frontal lobes – see Brain under Useful Books for Exploring the 15 Levels of Evolution and General Evolution Theory and Story.


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B. Darwin’s “Lost” Theory— that is, the second half, moral developmental, or humanistic completion for his theory

The Descent of Man.
Darwin, C.
There are many editions but none wholly satisfactory. Best for the time being is the second edition published in the Goldie and Ghiselin CD-ROM, see above.

Review or buy it at lightbinders.com

Early Notebooks.
Darwin, C.
Most easily accessible source is Gruber and Barrett, Darwin on Man, see above.

Review or buy it at lightbinders.com

Ethics: Origins and Development.
Kropotkin, P.
New York: Dial Press, 1924; Black Rose Pres, 1997.
A neglected work of exceptional importance, this was the only book in the 20th century
until Robert Richards’ Darwin to focus at any discerning length on what The Great
reveals was the second, completing or “top” half  for Darwin’s theory of

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

Darwin’s Unfolding Revolution.
Loye, D.
See http://thedarwinproject.com/revolution/revolution.html, Darwin's Unfolding Revolution for serial publication by monthly chapter downloads.

Darwin and the Emergence of Evolutionary Theories of Mind and Behavior.
Richards, R.
See above

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com


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C. Darwin’s Truncated Theory —that is, the first half, pre-moral developmental, or pre-humanistic beginning for his theory

The Survival of Charles Darwin.
Clark, R. W.
New York: Random House, 1984.

An excellent account in so-called “layperson’s terms” of the colorful, engaging, and vital development of neoDarwinian or “first half” theory by Darwin’s early 20th century

Review or buy it at Amazon.com

The Origin of Species.
Darwin, C.
Numerous editions are available, for example among the “oldies,” the Encylopedia
Britannica Great Books series. A more recent collector’s item is a facsimile of the first edition edited by famous neoDarwinian evolution theorist Ernst Mayr published by
Harvard University Press.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

Mankind Evolving: The Evolution of the Human Species.
Dobzhansky, T.
New Haven: Yale University Press, 1987.

This is the readable account preferred by many scientists by one of the greatest of the neoDarwinian theorists – who tried unsuccessfully to get across to his fellow biologists that cultural evolution, not biological evolution, was what mattered at the human level.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

The Structure of Evolutionary Theory.
Gould, S. J.
Cambridge: Harvard Belknap Press, 2002.

The enormous book into which, shortly before he died, Gould tossed just about

everything about “first half” theory as it was pummeled, puzzled, hashed and battled over

for much of the 20th century.

Review or buy it at Amazon.com or Powells.com

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