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Some Useful Books for Exploring the Levels of Evolution

Books on Darwin and Darwin's Theory
General Evolution Theory and Story for scientists and most readers
General Evolution Theory for theorists and more advanced readers
The Case for and against Neo-Darwinism, Sociobiology and Evolutionary Psychology

More books by Council Members (forthcoming)

Recommended new and earlier books (forthcoming)


VI. More books by Council Members

All books are available through

Powells.com and amazon.com


Besides the sparse selection above, there are many other excellent books bearing on human evolution by Darwin Council members, many of them award-winners.  Here are a few.

The Human Agenda

Gorney, R.

New York: Simon & Schuster, 1972; Guild of Tutors Press, 1979

The Healing of a Nation

Loye, D.

New York: Norton, 1971; iUniverse, 1998







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